About Us

Level1Elite is a family owned business that has been participating in crossfit for close to a decade. We currently operate, and train crossfit athletes at our own gym: Crossfit Uncensored in Lake Elsinore, CA. With four generations of our family, as well as a large group of athletes actively training in our crossfit gym, we are committed to the crossfit lifestyle. Our goal is to help our athletes achieve the pinnacle of health and strength by using our vast expertise to produce premium quality consumer training devices.

Manufacturing Background:

Our family has been in the manufacturing business for close to 50 years, producing #1 inline hockey and skateboard/longboard wheels in the world. Located in Southern California, our state of the art 70,000 sq. ft facility houses our world headquarters and our Crossfit Uncensored gym. Here we have centralized our hub for worldwide distribution, design, engineering, testing, manufacturing, marketing, sales, shipping, warehousing, and administrative offices. Having all our services under one roof allows for quicker market response which in turns enables improved service, efficiency, and quality. Our market is highly competitive, so staying on top and creating new technology is paramount to out ongoing success. As part of our world headquarters facility, our in-house R&D Department provides an immediate proving ground for new products